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Your stay at our mountain Villa AdiArt Rhodopes is not only a night’s sleep but also an experience. The interior is original, unique and unusual in vintage style – for connoisseurs. Every detail and thing is an inventive idea, handmade by artist Andriana Marinova. Each studio is spacious, cozy and comfortable with a kitchenette and a bathroom.

The villa consists of four studios for 11 people and a common room – a living room for eating and holding art and culinary ateliers. The living room has two large glass windows that bring light and mountain scenery indoors, and the balcony in front of them is a great place to eat during the summer months. The fireplace creates a warm coziness, there is a library and a place for work, a vertical loom, dining tables, TV, kitchen and a service room with a washing machine.

The upper balcony in front of two of the bedrooms has breathtaking views. It feels like you’re on a helicopter. The border with Greece runs along the opposite ridge of the mountain, with three small neighborhoods nestling beneath it, which lends special charm to the landscape. Part of the large balcony /32 m²/ is covered /24 m²/ and the pleasure of sleeping outside during the summer nights is exceptional. The starry sky seems to hang low over your head, and in July nights fireflies magically glow in the dark. The scream of a bird intermittently interrupts the melancholy of the night. The hustle and bustle around the outdoor table, grill and camera is very enjoyable.

№1. Studio Angels – 23 m²

№2. Studio Butterflies – 25

№3. Studio Rhapsody in Blue 34 m²

№4. Studio Scent in Cyclamen 34

Living room  Jungle – 60 m²