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Villa AdiArt Rhodopes > ACTIVITIES

The community center in the village of Arda has a wonderful hall with a stage and a library, which makes it possible to host different events:

  • Folklore;
  • Theatrical;
  • Music groups;
  • Dance ensembles;

Collaboration between several tourist bases in the area would make sense of the existence of a depopulated but recently renovated school with an outdoor playground and indoor hall with stage and botanical garden. In the most environmentally friendly region of Bulgaria the following events can be conducted:

  • Green schools;
  • Sporting events;
  • Festivals;
  • Singing competitions;
  • Creative vacations for art schools;
  • International themed workshops for people of all ages;
  • Erasmus + programs for young people from different countries;
  • Foto vacations;
  • Modules for nature, for biodiversity in nature, for herbs;
  • Modules for applying the old techniques for making butter, cheese, yellow cheese and yogurt;
  • Culinary vacations etc.