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  • Villa AdiArt offers you in addition to relaxation in an artistic atmosphere, and a diverse thematic program of different sights and time for creative activities;
  • Creative weekends and vacations in the art world – learning about different types of techniques – weaving, macramé, appliqué, decoupage, jewelry making, plastic art …
  • Step by step mastering the creative process from idea to creation of a finished work of art;
  • Highly skilled professionals – artists, will familiarize guests with the theory necessary to begin the creative process;
  • The group will be small (no more than 10-12 people), with no limitations on nationality, ethnicity, age and this will allow the participants to receive advice and attention from the specialist at any time;
  • We will respect the local holidays, traditions and customs;
  • For a variety of occasions, in addition to the Art Ateliers, we will also hold a Culinary Ateliers to master the magic of preparing Rhodope specialties.