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The proximity of Kraynitsi village to Sofia /70km/, at the foot of Rila and Verila Mountains, close to the hot mineral springs and to many natural sights makes it possible for a variety of relaxation every weekend. Villa AdiArt Rila is in an ecologically clean area and different activities can be carried out:

  • Tourism – located at the foot of Rila and Verila Mountains, near the lift for the Seven Rila Lakes and the Panichishte Mountain Resort;
  • Balneology – 6km from the mineral springs of Sapareva Banya with year-round outdoor mineral pools and 10km from Belchin Banya;
  • Visiting the monasteries in the area;
  • Natural Landmarks;
  • Participation in sporting events – in the area of the village is Kraynitsi Airport – a former military base with one of the longest dysfunctional runways – 2.45 km. The airport is the closest to the town of Sapareva Banya, it is used for car and motor racing, for flights with two-seater paraglider;
  • Participation in fairs – every year during the first Saturday of June there is a traditional village fair;
  • Small group language classes;
  • Creative vacations;
  • International themed workshops for people of all ages;
  • Erasmus + program for young people from different countries;
  • Foto vacations;
  • Meditations, yoga courses;
  • Modules for nature, for biodiversity in nature, for herbs;
  • Modules for applying the old techniques for making butter, cheese, yellow cheese and yogurt;
  • Culinary vacations ect.
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Adventure Winter sports  Biking
Pilgrimage  Folklore  SPA
Historical Natural phenomenons Architectural landmarks

Routes up to 10km

Kraynitsi airport Sapareva Banya – Mineral pools The Seven Rila Lakes lift
Mountain resort Panichishte Ovcharski Waterfall „Goritsa“ Resilovo Monastery „Pokrov Bogorodichen“
Dupnitsa – Rila Park Village of Belchin – Mineral
swimming pools
Medieval fortress „Tsari Mali Grad“

Routes – day trips

Samokov – History Museum, “Pokrov Bogorodichen” Monastery Borovets Mountain Resort, Tsarska Bistritsa Palace, Musala The village of Govedartsi – Malyovitsa
Stob village – Stob’s pyramids Rila Monastery The tomb of St. Ivan Rilski
Blagoevgrad – Varosha Bulgarian National Revival architecture Bansko – Bulgarian National Revival architecture, rock, jazz festivals Sandanski – park, mineral pools, archeological museum
Town of Melnik – city museum, wine cellars and wine tasting Rozhen Monastery Rupite – the church of Vanga